These courses cover a variety of industry demanded one to five day duration short courses. Though they are often based on unit standards they carry NO credits on the NQF as single courses. 

When used as proof of prior learning, for RPL purposes, they contribute to the full qualifications expected outcomes. 

Generally these courses satisfy industry niche markets that are not fully satisfied by the existing NQF registered unit standard based courses and they are becoming exceedingly popular in industry where true competence is valued due to their made-to-fit character.

You can select any of the unit standard based courses in the NQF Full Qualifications Course Category and enroll for that individually through our e-learning virtual campus. Your certificate will state that it can be used for RPL purposes with reference to the specific unit standard, if RPL is allowed by SAQA for that course or qualification. RPL possibilities can be verified on the SAQA published US documentation that can be downloaded from the SAQA website or by searching the specific unit standard number in a search engine on the internet, for example search "SAQA 244283" to find the unit standard that most OHS management short courses are aligned to, and search "SAQA 58625" to find the unit standard for the National Certificate Occupational safety to see if RPL is allowed for its contributing unit standards, including the above unit standard to which our own OHSPrac course is also aligned.